Prendre votre amour de la vie de la vanille, de moka-guimauve-amande-tourbillon avec ces intro-à-bondage jouets. Afficher La Galerie 12 Photos Standing sex is super hot…and super difficult. So channel your inner Christian Grey with this kinky-looking getup that looks as though it belongs in with the Red Room of Pain. Hook it over your door, sit in the padded seat with your feet in the straps, and have him stand in front of you. Voila! Designed to maximize clitoris and g-spot stimulation, it feels like standing sex on steroids.Door Jam Sex Sling, $33, Amazon.com4 de 12 After it heats up, you can safely pour the no-burn candle wax directly onto his skin for a warm and wicked massage. Plus, the minimalist design looks chic in any boudoir.Massage Oil Candle, $27, Amazon.com5 de 12 6 de 12 7 de 12 8 de 12 9 de 12 10 de 12 11 de 12 12 de 12 1 de 12 First, torture him into a frenzy by slooowly stroking his bod with the soft and fuzzy end. Once he's worked up, flip the toy over and unleash your bad-girl side.Whipper-Tickler, $13,

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